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by Human Petting Zoo

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i guess you could say that this is my second official demo release! other than that i've done splits and a live album where i sound like a dying moose. these are some new tracks that i've either come across in notebooks and improved, or completely new tracks that are very fresh in my brain. enjoy!


released April 30, 2014

everything was recorded, edited, written, composed and whatever by rayne blakeman using her iphone, a rockband microphone, audacity, and some instruments.



all rights reserved


Human Petting Zoo Kent, Ohio

force to be reckoned with uke punk from NE ohio

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Track Name: Do What U Want
don't tell me to smile, don't tell me to shave
don't tell me that you haven't seen my face without makeup in days
don't ask me to keep my mouth shut, don't say i'm looking pretty thin
don't say you support womens rights then tell me i'm showing too much skin
as a human i have the right to do what i want with my life
and you can't say you support women's rights, then police me right before my eyes
as long as no harm is done, then i don't see whats wrong
with doing what you want despite what you have been taught
so fuck all the people, people i have met that say all girls do this, and all girls do that
and fuck you, yes you, if you are disagreeing with me
because i have hairy pits, and these are MY tits, not yours to oogle at
and get the hell away from me, if you think for a second that i'll let this shit pass
cause i'm a person, i'm my own
and it's sad that i have to explain this
i am mine, no i'm not yours
and this is my life, no its not yours
this is my body, its not yours
these are my choices, they're not yours
this is my fucking life, and it's not yours
Track Name: DIY OR CRY (The Bunny Song)
hell i can try to make believe that i hate watching tv but, i'd be lying because parks n rec comes on at 8
and i can rant, and i can scream bout how i hate the corporate pigs, i really do, but theres a big sale down at target too
but theres also a punk rock show, in my friends basement down the road
and we'll scream up the punks until our throats are dry
and tomorrow we'll scream DIY or cry
and even then we'll scream louder, until those pigs can hear our words
and we will curse them until they die
and tomorrow we'll scream DIY or cry
and we'll make patches and sell copies of punk by the slice
we're ride our bikes to the post office
a paper hello to our friends, we make the promise
that we'll spread love until the end
Track Name: The Mono Song (Summer of '13)
why am i fucking sick again? i can't go one fucking day
without sneezing or coughing or wasting away my entire day in bed
and don't get me started on my entire summer vacation
i contracted mono through sweat while moshing at a show
i know its not the worst thing that can happen to me
but honestly i can't stand feeling so weak
i just wanna have one day without drinking 8 cups of tea
i just wanna have one week where i feel like the real rayne
Track Name: Now Yr Hair Is Long
it's been a little while since i hung out with you
yr eyes are getting darker underneath, and i'm feeling far from you
and it's been a little while since we went to the thrift store
or went behind best buy to go dumpster diving

and now yr hair is long
and yr listening to some song that i don't know

it's been a little while, maybe just a couple of months
i don't know how it happened but i never really see you much
i don't know why, i can't be sure, but i think it's because of him
and i guess that's okay, if you want it to be this way

and now yr hair is long, i think its been too long
and now yr singing some song that i don't know
woah, woah
i don't know
Track Name: Dining Room Table
i've always got too much on my plate
i never give myself a break
and if somethings not perfect, odds are im crying
cause i'm a clutz, and i'm a moron
and i do a whole lot of things wrong
but i also do a whole lot of things right
and for the first time in my life
i'm proud
of my accomplishments, even the ones that are only slightly profound

i can't sleep at night
i'm kept up late
thinking of all the possible things i could create
but i've already got a thousand things to do on this day
but i've also got a pretty big dining room table